Late Rudge cross frame safety

It's a shame I do not have a list of Rudge serial numbers.
This 'bicyclette'  has serial number 75693 and it must be a late Rudge cross frame - maybe one of the last?
I found a very similar bicycle in the French Rudge catalogue of 1892, the page is in my file with pictures. 

This Bicyclette no.3  was one of the cheaper Rudge models. No ball head, no sophisticated details. Yet, it's a nice cross frame that shows quality.
Interesting is the fact that the step is at the right side. very unusual, but also visible at another Rudge safety bicycle. 

Click the picture below to enter my other pictures on Flickr. There you will also find an old French picture with a very similar bicycle - in fact I think it's exactly the same model. That picture belongs to the collection of the Musée d' art et d' archéologie d'Aurillac.